Workplace Case Study 6

Ergonomic audit – legal firm
A legal firm asked enricoSmog ergonomic practitioners to carry out an ergonomic audit of their workplace.
This was carried out and problems were found in the mail room,  it was also found that various partners and secretarial staff all suffered from musculoskeletal discomfort.
The mail room counter was too high and caused workers to suffer from neck and shoulder pain. An alternative design for the mail sorting task that could incorporate both the small and larger user was put forward and a trial desk set up that took into account the ergonomic criteria required. Based on anthropometric data and user feedback a new counter was built.
For the legal partners who were experiencing pain and discomfort, a DSE user awareness session was scheduled, and to prevent future problems a DSE management system was put in place.
Without the audit and bespoke system man of the problems would not have surfaced, till it was too late.

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