Workplace ergonomics and human centred design


enricoSmog ergonomic practitioners

As Chartered Ergonomists and Human Factor Specialists we aim to maximise positive work experience for UK and International clients using a human centred holistic approach to wellbeing, engagement, work and workplace design.

In a rapid changing business environment, the need for agility and adaptability is stronger than ever. Businesses require resilient workforces that are equipped with tools, skills and the mindset to deliver positive result for their customers.

Future work, advanced workplaces, physical and mental stress, diversity and inclusivity need to be considered in the context of holistic approaches and not as silos.

Assessments – individual, team, department or organisation.  We have expertise in many types of tasks performed in a multitude of workplaces for workers with physical or cognitive ill health

Consultancy – wellbeing, human centred design approaches, agile working, changes in the way of working, engagement, creating inclusive environments that do not discriminate

Learning and development – development of staff through specific courses and seminars, through game playing, or coaching 1:1 or in teams, facilitation, if you want the best positive experience then train with us

Workplace solutions - workplaces and tasks are undergoing digital transformation where expectations of success run high,  picking the right adviser is crucial if you are to avoid high costs, loss of reputation, formation of silos and risk of employee disengagement

Today, the goal of every project we are involved in is to make a positive impact to peoples’ experiences.

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