Workplace ergonomics, human factors and human centred design

enricoSmog ergonomic practitioners an independent assessment and training consultancy staffed by Chartered Ergonomic and Human Factor specialists, psychologists and designers.

In all areas of our business a human centred design approach is used, in particular advanced workplace assessments for person, team, product, service, work area or when developing training courses to enable staff to deal with new ways of work or dealing with existing systems.

Our training courses range from straight forward DSE office ergonomic assessments to advanced workplace assessments. The human centred design approach for all courses offered and developed encourage full employee engagement. We utilise design thinking, innovation and creativity to improve the learning experience which has proved very effective in getting knowledge learnt to be applied in the workplace.

Our human centred design approach has improved many companies wellness programs and our bespoke tools SmartWell and Cogfit are very effective when implementing new ways of working or changing work environments.

We are experts in ergonomics and human factors, with emphasis on usability and design, employee engagement, stress and the management of MSDs.

enricoSmog ergonomic practitioners works throughout the UK and internationally providing specialist ergonomic assessments and investigations; consultancy on new workplace design, defining workplace solutions and the design, management and implementation of new ways of working; coaching, training and experiential learning; human centred design of wellness programs and evaluated against relevant standards and current research. Each part of  our business is designed to create effective, happy, productive and well organisations.

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