Ergonomic training


We empower a culture of learning, where courses are designed to sustain interest during and beyond the learning day. Our courses intend to intrigue and inspire, thereby motivating learners to master new found knowledge and develop first class skills.

Delegate quotes

“The practical workshop was very useful: with knowledge gathered from the first session we were able to consider situations and scenarios that we were not able to identify prior to the workshop. Our approach to good and bad posture has changed in a positive manner.”

“I have found this day really interesting and informative. It has given me a good overall level of knowledge to now put into practice and information on where to obtain further information”.

“Going through each stage and understanding the reasons why you would do it. Made me think carefully about making changes to one aspect and how that impact on others. Very thorough session has given me good insight as to why it is important to do DSE assessments”.

“Very worthwhile I learnt a lot. Course went at a good pace and, handouts were good and related to content well”

"Putting it all into practice going through the checklist, understanding all factors needed. Good to put theory into practice"

We run a number of courses and can develop courses for a specific need, for example, assessor need specific guidance on how to carry out ergonomic assessments and therefore want a tailored course, which is both theoretical and practical. This type of course would run at a client's location.

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We run a number of specific courses some of which are accredited while others are in the process of accreditation.

The only Advanced DSE assessor course that is truly advanced and that is accredited by tthe Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors


  • GDPR and DSE Management 
  • ISO45001 and DSE management
  • How to measure wellness programs
  • Avoiding digital overload and managing the agile worker



Each course is run by a Chartered ergonomist (C.ErgHF) whose professional competence has been rigorously assessed by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF)

All courses can be run at your location anyhwere in the UK or Europe.

enricoSmog ergonomic practitioners is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors as a registered consultancy and is internationally recognised as a provider of ergonomic and human factor courses and professional service

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