Workplace Case Study 3

Counter and advisory staff desk set up in bank
Staff working behind the counter in a bank reported back, neck and upper back pain and colleagues who were giving financial advice reported similar conditions, despite not working at the counter.
An ergonomic investigation was undertaken, this evaluated the counter taking into consideration both worker and client needs. The RULA tool was used to determine the quantification of risk each worker was exposed to.
Ergonomic recommendations included: an update of cashier equipment that allowed staff to organise his or her workstation for left or right hand. Seating was changed as the chairs were unsuitable and did not offer support. The process of taking items from clients was altered to reduce stretching. The 10 ergonomic principles were introduced to ensure workareas were usable by the staff that worked there. The client was shown how to undertake a user test to ensure that each stage to bring new problems and met the ergonomic design,
Advisors were given DSE user training and shown how to set up his or her DSE workstation to avoid non-neutral postures. Importantly they were shown how to position client seating to avoid non-neutral postures again in line with the principles of ergonomics.
We have carried out many ergonomic assessments for banks and building societies (Northern Rock, Nationwide, Abbey National, Barclays, Nat West, Lloyds TSB, HSB etc) and travel agents (Thomas Cook)

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