DSE Posture and Good Health Workshops

Are your staff reporting problems, generally uncomfortable and need motivation? If so, then they should attend our DSE Posture and Good Health Workshops.

This workshop runs for one hour for up to 20 people. We've run the course for all types of DSE users, in offices, process control, control rooms, factories etc all positively received.


By breaking down the workstation in to posture, working heights, layout and work organisation and the effects on the body and mind, it has given a greater understanding of the importance of posture.

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How to select DSE ergonomic products and give advice for workers with special requirements training course

How to select DSE ergonomic products and give advice for workers with special requirements


Duration: 1 Day

Hours:     09.00 – 16.00

Cost:   £325 + vat

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Selecting ergonomic product for workers with special requirements

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Vehicle and driver ergonomic assessment course

'enricoSmog practitioners ran an in-house course for us for which I have received very good feedback from the OH advisors who attended and from the clients who have been assessed since. Well done!'
Occupational Health manager, OH Provider

'I'd been looking for a course like this for ages, as we have loads of drivers out on the roads, and we want to keep them safe, and so knowing how to carry out this type of assessment will help greatly' 
Health, safety and well-being manager, National Distributor

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CIEHF accredited DSE assessor course

Our accredited DSE assessor course recognised by the World Health Organisation, General Medical Council, Centrica and 000s of companies as the course that enables the new DSE assessor become the go to person to resolve Display Screen Equipment (DSE) work related issues. The trainer is a recognised DSE expert and on the HSE display screen regulations advisory panel.

DSE assessors are trained to carry out DSE assessments in line with the DSE Regulations 1992 to ensure that he or she is competent to carry out DSE risk assessments, and train and inform the user.

The DSE assessor training course covers: assessment of  DSE users that sit-stand, single-twin-multiple display screen set up, home-mobile-agile DSE assessment, stress and use of DSE, prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) when using DSE, how to select standard and non-standard display screen equipment e.g. shaped keyboards and vertical mice

A comprehensive course that covers DSE usage in 2019 and beyond.

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CIEHF accredited Advanced DSE assessor course

The only accredited CIEHF Advanced DSE assessour course in the world. The course is matched against the competencies of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors and the International Ergonomics Association.

Designed for professionals that want to competent advanced level assessments and be able to write in-depth reports that match a professional standard.

Previous delegates have saved 000s by reducing expenditure on unnecessary 'ergonomic' products and on employing expensive consultants.

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Ergonomic and Human Factor Training

How to carry out ergonomic assessments for workers with specialist requirements?  Want to know to carry out an ergonomic assessment for mobile, field or agile workers? What is the human factor approach to Wellness, Wellbeing and Stress assessments? Need to know how to  carry out an ergonomic assessment for a driver and vehicle?

If you are interested in Human Factor and Ergonomic approaches to assessment then contact us regarding our accredited training options.

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