The Healthy Way to work with DSE - Essential office wellbeing

The healthy way to work with computers

The workshop is a fun workshop for computer users to rethink about keeping healthy when working.

Keeping physically healthy by understanding what happens to your body when seated, how many physical ailments can result for working incorrectly.  Many clients report that staff visits to therapists drop and there is a great appreciation for the help received through the workshop.

Keeping mentally healthy is key and the workshop cover a number of emotional skills that will help staff to manage stress and cogntively reappraise.

The workshop uses gamifications and there is plenty of fun time learning to be had.

The course is run by a Charetered Ergonomist, with degrees in Psychology and Design and a MSc Physical and Cognitive Ergonomics and is validated by the Department of Work and Pensions to carry out specialist ergonomic assessments.  He is also favoured trainer in ergonomics for the World Health Organisations - Head of Wellbeing.




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