DSE Posture and Good Health Workshops

Are your staff reporting problems, generally uncomfortable and need motivation? If so, then they should attend our DSE Posture and Good Health Workshops.

This workshop runs for one hour for up to 20 people. We've run the course for all types of DSE users, in offices, process control, control rooms, factories etc all positively received.


By breaking down the workstation in to posture, working heights, layout and work organisation and the effects on the body and mind, it has given a greater understanding of the importance of posture.

I’ve done the online dse software, but did not really pay attention. This now makes sense and I can put into action. 

Good use of models to show lifting, useful tips for sitting and standing.

Good to re-evaluate benefits of everyday movements and back pain

The DSE workshop 

We have a great motivating workshop, where we can provide great tips and techniques to keep workers fit, healthy, happy and productive in the workplace.


Staff will learn in an interactive and fun workshop how posture, setup, task design, equipment use and routine can cause all sorts of problems. 

Organisations realise that sedentary behavior is bad, but often fail to get the message over to staff, this workshop will get DSE users thinking positively and prompt them to take charge and make changes

Many staff are forced to see therapists to resolve issues that need not occur or at least the impact can be reduced. Every workshop we are informed "if only I knew this before, I would not of spent such a fortune on remedial therapy".

Organisations report a reduction in the need for specialist assessments and cut down on product solutions, as DSE users realise that often it is not a product solution but a change in habit.

If you are serious about wellness, then you will want this workshop to run at your organisation.

Please contact us to discuss further.

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